Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lovin' the little things.....

1. An afternoon spent in Mum & Dad's garden.
2. Sorting (and admiring) Christmas decorations ready for December 1.
3. The beginnings of a festive headpiece.
4. Millie laughed out loud when I read this book to her. I laughed too. Have you read it?
5. A little girl sitting on a big girl chair. Her latest 'must do' activity!
I hope your weekend has been a beautiful one. The busy festive season is officially upon us.....may your Christmas preparations be merry and bright.
Happy days to you!
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Melinda x
P.S. Talking about the festive season. I'm hosting a festive giveaway over here.....I'd love it if you entered!


  1. it definitely looks like christmas at your place!

  2. Ha! The squirrel star is amazing, loving the woodland theme.

  3. What a delicious collection of Chrissie decorations! And your Millie looks like such a little lady. Hope your week is a beautiful one. xxx

  4. I love that book - makes me laugh too!
    Lovely decos - your house will look lovely this week!

  5. Lovely, I nearly purchased that book, now it looks like I'll have to go back and get it!

  6. We love that book in our house too! So good! xo

  7. Gorgeous! Love those decorations and I must track down that book x

  8. I love your photos, hope u dont mind, but what camera do you use. im looking for a new one..

    1. Hi Biddy Martha. Thank you for your lovely comment. I actually just use my phone. It's a Samsung Galaxy 3. One day I would love a good camera too! Happy Sunday. Melinda x


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