Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pen Pal Adventures {package 1}

As a child I always dreamt of having a pen pal. I never did have one, but fast forward quite a number of years and here I am blogging about my very first pen pal package. This package was sent to the lovely Sophie from 'Her Library Adventures' and was inspired by her beautiful little girl, Tallow. A handmade rainbow package with pom poms, bells and watercolour details.

In this parcel I included:
  • A hand written note (essential)
  • Some handmade scalloped watercolour gift tags complete with a pom pom and bell
  • A set of mini watercolour gift cards - a little something for my recipient to use and continue sharing the pen pal love
  • A rainbow garland made from hand dyed crochet motifs (in the box)
  • Some handmade glittery clay star tags

I can't wait to put together my next package. Do you have a pen pal? I'd love to know what you include in your parcels?

Happy days to you!

Melinda x


  1. Beautiful gifts Melinda.
    As a 10 year old I had two pen pals- one in Holland and one in Japan. We wrote to each other for a couple of years.
    As for ideas of what to include in your parcels how about washi tape, a vintage dress pattern, or a handmade notebook.

    1. Thank you Zara! Wow, 2 pen pals. Lucky you.
      I love your ideas for parcel inclusions. I'm still trying to decide on the theme for my next parcel. Melinda xx


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