Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lovin' the little things.....

1. Homemade marshmallows. I've been making these marshmallows for years using my Grandma's recipe. They are my Dad's favourite. I posted the recipe over here some time ago if you'd like to give them a go.
2. Sponge painting.
3. Rock painting. Millie was somewhat confused by this activity at first. Painting rocks. Say what??!!
4. Homegrown tomatoes. The tag said 'cherry tomatoes', somehow I don't think they are.
5. Millie and I made Anzac biscuits on Anzac day. It seemed only fitting.

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Happy days to you!

Melinda x


  1. Those marshmallows look divine! I'll have to give them go this week. Cherry tomatoes on steroids! They definitely aren't the tiny kind! A lovely week to you.

    Sophie xo

    1. They are delicious Sophie. A very sweet treat and super cheap to make. Sugar, water, gelatine, vanilla and coconut. Good luck if you end up giving them a go xx

  2. Oh how scrumptiously delicious. A true artist at work . So colourful n fun.x

  3. Marshmallows are on my to-make list. After seeing them on River Cottage I've wanted to give them a try.

    1. Hi Zara! These ones are quite easy to make. My biggest tip is to make sure you dissolve the sugar completely before beating otherwise a not very pleasant crust will form when they set. I learnt that from experience. Have fun xx


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