Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Hello' Gift Card Set {diy}

At the end of February a dear friend of mine is packing up her belongings and following her heart to the other side of the country. Upon her departure I really wanted to give her something special, something that would remind her of home on those lonely/homesick days and something that could be used to send a little 'hello' message to her loved ones. I decided to put together a journal (which I'm still working on) with photos of her friends and family, as well as some inspirational quotes which I've been collecting over on Pinterest. I also made her this 'hello' gift card set as I know she's rather fond of sending a hand written note.

This is how I made them.....

Old envelope of your choice (this will be your template)
Double sided gift wrap
Thin double sided tape
Kraft card stock
Craft glue


1. Open out the old envelope and place it onto the double sided gift wrap . Trace around the outer edge. Cut out and fold up - following the fold lines on the old envelope/template.
2. Use double sided tape to secure the envelope.

1. Make a 'hello' word template by drawing the letters onto a small piece of thick cardboard and cutting it out. Place the template onto the double sided gift wrap and trace around the outer edge. Cut the words out using small sharp scissors. Use craft glue to stick the word to the front of the card. Once dry, rub out any pencil marks around the outer edges.

Quick. Simple. Effective. Win!

I'm planning on making a few more of these sets for gifts throughout the year. Are you working on any crafty papery projects at the moment? 

Happy days to you!

Melinda x

Note: the double sided gift wrap I used is from one of my favourite online shops - bespoke letterpress. I bought the assorted 6 pack of gift wrap before Christmas and have gotten so much use out of it. The patterns are beautiful and the quality is second to none!


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