Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festive Headband {diy}

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Christmas party and it was requested that we come dressed 'looking festive'. I immediately started thinking of bauble necklaces, flashing earrings and red/green clothing but then I came up with the idea of making a festive headband. Not only does this headband make a fine festive accessory, it would also make a welcome addition to any little girls dress up box!
So.....lets get crafty!
Star template - approx. 5cm wide from tip to tip
Ribbon - I used a 12mm vintage ribbon
Natural coloured linen
Metallic Thread
Sewing thread
Sewing machine
Hand sewing needle
1. Make a star shaped template using thick card. Use this template and a small pair of sharp scissors to cut 6 star shapes from the linen.
2. Place 2 star shapes together, wrong sides facing, and use your sewing machine and matching thread to stitch a 3mm seam around the edge. This will create a raw edged star. Be sure to leave a small opening on one of the straight edges to allow for stuffing. Continue with the other star shapes until you have 3 complete stars.
3. Stuff each star with a small amount of polyfil and then use your sewing machine to stitch the opening shut. Use your fingers to 'tease' the raw edge of each star so it creates a fluffy edged appearance.
4. Cut your ribbon to the required length. Make sure it is long enough to go around your head and tie in a bow at the back of your neck.
5. Turn the ends of the ribbon up twice (double roll) to hide the raw edge and hand stitch in place using a matching thread.
6. To position the stars on your ribbon, tie the ribbon around your head as you would wear it. Position the first star just left of the centre and the other two stars next to it. Stitch the stars to the ribbon using your sewing machine - a few stitches in the centre is sufficient. Try the headband on to ensure you are happy with the position of the stars.
7. Embellish with sequins and metallic thread in whatever pattern your heart desires.
I'm hoping this is the first of many more crafty diy's here on the moose & bird blog. If you need any extra instruction (or I've missed something vitally important) please feel free to leave me a comment or email me at mooseandbird@gmail.com.
I hope your week is a lovely and festive one.
Happy days to you!
Melinda x


  1. Oh my gosh, this headband is so pretty. Thanks you for the sweet little tutorial. x

  2. You are so welcome Zara. I'm glad you like it. I'm planning to wear it to work on Christmas Eve too. I hope your week has been lovely. Melinda x

  3. very nice!thanks for the tutorial~
    have a super day : )


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