Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lovin' the little things.....

1. Little succulents. Millie and I went for a wander at the nursery the other day hoping to find a green chrysanthemum after spotting one on elk & bloom's instagram feed. We didn't find one, but we found these cuties instead. I would love to do this with one of these.
2. Washi tape art with my little lady.
3. We came across these fallen flowers on our afternoon walk the other day. They reminded me of Autumn.
4. My Mum made Millie her very first handbag.
5. Outdoor moccasins.
6. Dirty little hands.
7. Chocolate cake with sprinkles. I made this to take to morning tea with a friend today. We studied design together and haven't seen one another for two years. Can't wait to catch up over tea and cake.

I hope your week has been kind to you.

{Linking up with Em from The Beetle Shack}.

Happy days to you!

Melinda x


  1. You should frame the washi tape art work, it is lovely.

  2. All such beautiful pictures. Glad to have found you through the Stills linky.
    Kate xx

  3. So much cuteness! Loving your washi tape art and that little bag is the cutest!
    Sophie x


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