Friday, August 30, 2013

Crafting for the Soul

After what seems like months of wintery coughs and sniffles (and a bout of influenza for me) we are so looking forward to the warmer spring days that are nearly upon us. The sun is slowly getting warmer, the days slightly longer and I can feel a little bit of spring in my step. It seems that being sick has really knocked the wind out of my sails so I've been working on a few small creative projects to 'nourish' my crafty soul!
1. Vintage florals in pink and peach destined to become a special gift for a special little person.
2. Gift wrapping with a touch of fluoro!
3. An embroidered pendant necklace for a special friends birthday.
I hope your days have allowed for some simple crafty projects, there's nothing quite like a bit of creative time to relax and regroup.
Happy days to you!
Melinda x


  1. Pink florals are my favourite. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them. x

  2. So much goodness! Crafting for the soul is the best!
    Hope you're feeling much better. Wishing you a beautiful week.
    Sophie xx


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