Sunday, April 14, 2013

nine months

It seems that I haven't been keeping up with my weekly 52 project post. Uh Oh! If there were just a couple of extra hours in each day I think I could get everything I would like to get done, DONE.  This post is in lieu of my absence.
Today, our little Poppy Girl is 9 months old! Her time in Special Care seems like a lifetime ago and now her big blue eyes are wide with wonder! This month.....

  • She took a liking to a sip or two of bath water. Who knew that taking a bath could work up such a thirst!
  • She's on the move. For someone who can't yet crawl she sure can get about. She had a run in with the change table (that's what happens when you roll really fast) and got her very first bruise, right there on her sweet little cheek bone.
  • She can almost, almost sit all by herself.
  • She caught her first cold. Not really an achievement, but something for us to remember. She breezed through it like nobody's business. Her Papa on the other hand, well,  I think he had a mild case of man-flu. Babies are such resilient little things aren't they?
  • We successfully transitioned her from her cosy bassinett next to our bed into her very own cot in her very own room. This made me a little sad, okay, alot sad!
  • Her favourite book this month is 'Hairy Maclary, Shoo' by Lynley Dodd. Well, maybe it's my favourite book, I can't be sure. I gauge her liking for a book by whether she stays put for the entirety of the story. She loves the part that says, 'STOP this shemozzle, This hullabaloo! Scarper, skedaddle, BE OFF WITH YOU, SHOO! This part always brings a smile to her face (and mine).
  • Her favourite puree mix at the moment is Pumpkin + Apple + Banana. She tried avocado, chicken, zucchini and blueberries for the first time this month!
  • We've been listening to 'So Frenchy, So Chic' over breakfast. I think she's going to love music as much as her Papa does.
  • She decided that she preferred being dressed whilst sitting up. Why would you want to lie down when you can 'kind of' sit up?
  • She dropped from 4 day sleeps to 3 and became somewhat of a power napper during the day. Her day sleeps give me just enough time to have a shower, make lunch and prepare dinner! Just.
  • She loves going on drives with her Papa.
  • Her favourite play items at the moment include everthing she shouldn't be playing with, plastic packets, remotes, mobile phones, cameras, paper, draws with pointy handles, other peoples feet/toes etc etc.
  • She is the apple of everyone's eye. Her Nana, her Grandad, her big Uncle Ands and her Great Granny especially.
  • Everyone comments on her big blue eyes x

So with nine months down, I have three months to start gathering ideas for a little first birthday celebration. We are so looking forward to celebrating how far she has come. From our little 4 pound premmie baby to our sweet little cyclone, we love you x

Happy days to you!

Melinda x

P.S. A big HELLO to Nana and Grandad. We're sorry we didn't get to see you today xoxo


  1. My littley loves to drink the bath water too! I can see why everyone comments on her big blue eyes - beautiful! x

  2. So adorable, growing up so fast. Love you to the moon and back my darling little granddaughter. Lots of Love Nana


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