Friday, April 19, 2013

Flicking through lately.....

Top Image: taken from 'Decorate Workshop' by Holly Becker pg 125. Middle: taken from Australian Home Beautiful March 2013 pg 77. Bottom: taken from Country Style January 2013 pg 20-21.

The pile of magazines and books that is growing wildly on my coffee table is a sure sign that I haven't had much time for reading of late. I've always been incredibly inspired by the images and text in books and magazines so I'm trying hard to make time for a little bit of reading here and there. This is what I've been flicking through lately.....

  • Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker - I particularly loved the chapter in this book about translating your decorating ideas. How to collect, organise and create moodboards. I loved putting together moodboards when I was a design student.
  • Australian Home Beautiful March 2013 - my favourite house feature was that of Charlotte and Philippe, founders and owners of Danish homewares brand, Rice. I love the quirky details and colours in their home.
  • Country Style January 2013 - the home of one of my favourite artists was featured in this issue. I love the work of Meredith Gaston! And Frankie the caravan is featured too!

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned, with a spot of reading perhaps?

Happy days to you!

Melinda x

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