Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The things I love about you.....

Your chubby little legs. The way you curl your toes. The little dimples on your knuckles. Your cheeky grin. The way you scrunch up your nose when you squeal and smile. Your soft feathery hair with its hint of ginger (and the way it sticks up at the back when you wake up from a sleep). Your smell (aaaahhhh.....that smell). The way you close your eyes when my hair touches your face. Your post sleep cosiness. Your inquisitive face. The way your pants always seem to end up around your nipples. The little smiles you have while you are sleeping (I can only imagine what you might be dreaming about). The way you look at me with such love and dependence.

BUT most of all I love you because you are YOU and you are ours!


  1. Your little girl is so sweet and these are beautiful words that you wrote to her. xx

    1. Hi Catherine. Thank-you for stopping by and for the lovely words. Happy Friday to you. Melinda x


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