Saturday, January 11, 2014


Millie: We had planned to go to the beach (the first time for you) but we had to postpone as the weather was overcast and drizzly. Instead, we drew on the blackboard, made our own paint and glued pretty pictures onto cardboard to make collages. We also started putting together your very own 'art wall'. You seemed suitably impressed by this and after each artwork you completed you would hold it up to the wall in anticipation of it being included. You are too sweet my girl x

{joining in with Jodi's 52 project }
Happy days to you!
Melinda x


  1. Great photo! How nice that your girl loves crafting, I don't think I will have any chance with Jude - he loves all things noisy and boyish already!

    1. Hi Shell. Maybe you can do noisy crafty things. Like make cars from boxes!!! Or music shakers from milk bottles. That might satisfy your crafty ways and his noisy boyish ways. Hehe. x


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