Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Finders Keepers: Brisbane {spring/summer 2013}

Gift wrap by bespoke letterpress. Tassel Necklace by Crayon Chick. Vegetable Stickers by the Surfing Sloth.

On the weekend I ventured to The Finders Keepers market in Brisbane, held at the historic Old Museum in Herston. This market has always been a favourite of mine so it was lovely to be able to experience its sights and sounds once again, whilst ticking a few items off of my Christmas shopping list.

{christmas gifts I bought}

{things I loved}

This market never fails to inspire me, seeing all of these creative people chasing their dreams is second to none.

Did you get a chance to visit The Finders Keepers market on the weekend? If so, what did you buy or love?

Happy days to you!

Melinda x

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  1. I hope to one year be back over east to make it there. What a bounty of loveliness! Especially that tassel necklace! X


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