Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Vintage {2nd edition}

Pssst.....that's one of my pillows right there!

A few years ago I was approached by Tahn Scoon (interior stylist/consultant/author) about using some of my products in a book that she was styling and writing called 'New Vintage'. I was over the moon, my pillows were going to be in a real book! That was back in 2011. In August 2013 the second edition of 'New Vintage' was realeased and I was lucky enough to win a copy on Tahn's Facebook page last week. Hooray!

For anyone who hasn't seen 'New Vintage', it is a french inspired guide to decorating and living beautifully. I would like to thank Tahn for using my products and also to Anastasia Kariofyllidis for taking such beautiful photos of them.

I am forever grateful!

I hope your week has been lovely so far. My little lady has been under the weather since Monday so we've been taking it slow today, pottering about the house, only popping out breifly for supplies and a visit to the pathologist. Fingers crossed she starts to feel better soon.

Happy days to you!

Melinda x

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