Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lovin' the little things.....

1. A vintage embroidered baby dress. My Mum bought this from a thrift store many years ago. I found it in Millie's wardrobe when I was tidying up the other day. It definitely deserves to be photographed and admired.
2. Little shoes by mini melissa. Her favourite word at the moment is 'soose' (shoes). She knows which draw her shoes are kept in and she always picks these ones out to put on. They were a 1st birthday gift from my brother and his girlfriend. They don't fit properly yet but she still wants to wear them. They're bubblegum scented too!
3. Introducing Millie to the fine art of watercolour painting.
4. A wall of art.
5. Fluffy white blossoms spotted on our afternoon walk.
6. Learning to love crayons.

I hope your week has been filled with lovely things and that the week ahead is kind to you. We're looking forward to a quiet morning at home today as we prepare for the busy festive season ahead. What have you got planned for your day?

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Happy days to you!

Melinda x


  1. What a lovely little look into your world. My day is going to be spent at home catching up on laundry and gardening and maybe a quick trip to the farmers markets.. a perfect Sunday really! x

  2. Those shoes are beautiful & I love those little water coloured hands.

  3. beautiful artwork.
    lovely colors.

  4. Hi there...popping in via The Beetle Shack...there's so much cuteness here - especially love that sweet, sweet dress! Have a great week.

  5. Adorable! Look at those shoes! I bought a pair of Melissa shoes back from New York and they made my whole suitcase smell like lollies. Can't wait to start making art with Miss Tallow.
    Sophie xx

  6. Gorgeous photos! That dress and those white blossoms are standouts x

  7. That is definitely one sweet little vintage dress! Those watercolours are very familiar, I love some of the tones in that set. Our Sunday was very lazy and homey, perfect as my husband is away this week. Hope you also have a lovely week. So far, so good here!

  8. those soose are the sweetest! gotta love the little things, they really are the big ones. xx

  9. Beautiful collection of images. I want bubblegum scented shoes!
    Kate x

  10. I love the shoes, have a great week


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