Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lovin' the little things.....

1. Our art. I love doing crafty things with my little lady. She's getting better at sticking stickers and holding a crayon.

2. Our gardenias are in flower. Beautiful to look at but my nose doesn't agree.

3. idea of a good time!

4. The magnolia in our front yard is in bloom. Magnolias always remind me of our wedding day. I had a bouquet of magnolias and there was also a magnolia on the top of our wedding cake.

5. I'm off to a Pink Ribbon Party today. My Aunty hosts a fundraiser each year. You can find out more about Pink Ribbon Day here.

{Linking up with Em from The Beetle Shack}.

Happy days to you!

Melinda x


  1. Your gardenias are divine! It is almost cruel that something so pretty can wreak so much havoc with our noses isn't it? It is definitely the season for sneezin' as we say in this household :)

  2. I found you through Em's weekly stills, your photos are lovely. Those flowers are amazing. I don't love the smell of a gardenia but my goodness they're a gorgeous flower. Yours look so healthy! Have a great week xx

  3. the magnolias are beautiful. I too love art with little people. They are magic at creating things. X Ashley

  4. So pretty!

    Love the flowers - I bet they smell delicious!

  5. I love your flowers, and have been on a virtual blooming tour around blogland! I wish I could smell those gardenias (sigh)


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