Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection

A week of colour.....

1. The most beautiful crochet blanket I have ever seen. Lovingly made by my Mum for Millie's future 'big girl' bed. You can never be too prepared!
2. I've started a puree processing line. I'm obsessed.....what else can I puree?
3. Freshly mown lawn after the rain and tangelo toes.
4. Yay! We have capsicums.
5. I bought these navy leggings with silver polka dots for Millie this week and added some red vintage buttons for a personal touch.

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Happy days to you!
Melinda x


  1. Lovely stills.
    Polka dot leggings and red buttons- it doesnt get much cuter.

  2. Those pots of puree look awesome! Argh - to be organised!!

  3. What a beautiful blanket your Mum made for Millie and what a lucky little girl:) I do love freshly mown lawn too, feels good under your feet. Those little leggings are very sweet indeed, the buttons are such a sweet touch. x

  4. Such gorgeous images of your world! And Millie's leggings are super cute. Making baby food! That little miss of yours must be going great guns. It's such fun...we pureed pretty much anything...even spinach when she gets a whisker bigger. Oh you will be a regular little Jamie Oliver concocting all sorts of lovely combinations for your baby girl. Have fun lovely :) x


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