Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Home

Our homes say so much about us as individuals. They're a canvas for everything we love and a haven for the people we love.

Our little home isn't grand. On the outside it's just a regular 4 bedroom brick home, but on the inside it is filled with things that make our hearts sing, things we have collected and things we have made. My Dad landscaped the gardens, built our vegie patch and pieced together our garden shed with his bare hands. My Mum has hunted out vintage treasures to fill our shelves and my brother has painted artworks and carved sculptures to fill our walls. So while it isn't the house in the country that we dream of, it is our home, a place to relax, be creative and raise our little girl.

I took the above pictures of our home today.....Happy days to you!

Melinda x


  1. it's beautiful!
    thanks for the tour :)

  2. A home is what you make it and you sure have made a BEAUTIFUL home Melinda! So bright and colourful. Thanks for sharing it with us x

  3. What a beautiful, inviting, calm and creative space you live in! Everything looks so very lovely. Hope all is happy and bright in your world :) x

  4. Your home looks just gorgeous - lovely treasures, beautifully arranged


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